Student Projects at Innovations Design Academy

We encourage our students to be involved with social media from the start.

We take pride all the steps they go through.

Here Ashlin has made it through our “break in” phase and is now able to start taking clients. 




We keep it interesting for our students with random competitions to spark some creativity.







Education should never stop.

Here we took some students to a local Ulta Salon ,and got insight on what salons

are looking for in new employees.

Landon gave the girls wonderful information and even had them work on

some role playing for Consultations.





Erika was the lucky recipient of a scholarship from great Clips. Students are encouraged to apply… you never know when you could get a little help with your future.







Hands on work is a large part in Cosmetology.

It is more than coloring hair, or applying makeup.

You touch someone’s life every day.  We are image creators…. it is a true blessing to be able to make someone see themselves through our eyes.

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way.




emily 2



Our Canton team pulled inspiration from Poison Ivy.

Our team tied for 1st place in the Chicago competition and is moving on the Televised Competition taking place this fall in Las Vegas. The series will be aired in Winter of 2015/2016. We will be happy to keep you updated.










We strongly encourage our students to give back to the community. Every fall both locations discounts services with the donation of school supplies that are in turn donated to a LOCAL school.  We rotate through local area schools and surprise them with  supplies to help students and their families with items that might be hard for them to get.







Theme days are always a big hit at school.  Planned out ahead of time we choose from a bowl of suggestions from students and let them run wild with their talent.