Transfer Policy at Innovations Design Academy



Any student wishing to transfer hours to Innovations Design Academy must provide a valid transcript from their prior cosmetology school. Innovations Design Academy will allow students transferring in from another Cosmetology school based on receiving approved school’s state curriculum or transcript.

A proficiency examination may be used to determine the appropriate entry point into the curriculum to provide a better educational experience. The school reserves the right to deny transfer hours for any reason. The school must receive the transcript prior to the enrollment of the student.

Students who transfer into Innovations Design Academy from another school system will be treated as a new student in terms of making satisfactory academic progress.

Transfer students are advised:

  • *Upon receipt, the transcript(s) will be evaluated, appropriate credit granted, and the program length shortened proportionately. Institutional charges will be prorated based on the length of program left to complete.
  • *The school will NOT accept “Sanitation” hours from schools which are out-of-state or out-of-country as they may conflict with current State of Illinois Sanitation laws, rules, and procedures.
  • *The school will NOT accept previously earned training hours that are older than 5 years.



Any student wishing to transfer hours from one branch location to another may do so at the discretion of the Educational Director and by filling out a branch location transfer request form. The student will enter the requested transfer location in the same standing as they left their original location as far as grades, attendance, clinical work and SAP standing.



Any student wishing to transfer hours from Innovations Design Academy to another school the student must withdraw from Innovations Design Academy and then enroll in the new school. A refund calculation will be completed by the school from which they are leaving and the student may need to re-apply for Title 4 funding at the new school. All monies owed to the school must be paid in full or satisfactory arrangements must be made in order for transcripts to be released.